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(especially of words or ideas) not well connected or well ordered

Example Sentences: Ramayana: Although fear gripped Maricha’s heart at the mere mention of Rama, he consciously calmed himself before replying to Ravana – a disjointed reply would neither persuade nor please the demon king. Mahabharata: Knowing that Duryodhana’s spies could be anywhere, Vidura gave Yudhishthira a coded message that would sound disjointed to most hearers. 


self-confident and cheerful

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  Hanuman as a child was not just jaunty but also naughty – and his naughtiness combined with his phenomenal powers made him disturbingly disruptive for the sages. Mahabharata:  With their jaunty spirit, the young twins Nakula and Sahadeva brought fresh life and cheer to the royal palace of Hastinapura.  Bhagavad-gita:  Humility doesn’t


to reduce or destroy the effectiveness of

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  The invincibility that Ravana enjoyed because of his boons gutted the gods’ plans to defeat him. Mahabharata:  Arjuna’s carefully directed arrows at Duryodhana’s uncovered fingertips gutted the protection provided by Drona’s impenetrable armor. Bhagavad-gita:  The world’s endless temptations and the mind’s tireless propositions can gut the resolve of even serious spiritual seekers


a youth, a lad

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  When Vishvamitra wanted to take Rama with him to the forest to curb the demons disrupting his sacrifice, Dasharatha protested desperately, saying that Rama was a mere stripling, inexperienced in warfare.  Mahabharata:  Although Abhimanyu had initially been considered a stripling, his fighting ability became evident even to the opposing Kauravas within the


a firm warning or reprimand

Example sentences: Ramayana:  After Sugriva attacked Ravana impulsively, Rama’s admonition of the monkey king had the desired sobering effect. Mahabharata:  Vidura explained to Dhritarashtra that the admonition of Duryodhana was not because he didn’t care for Duryodhana but it was precisely because he cared for Duryodhana. Bhagavad-gita:  If we neglect the Gita’s admonition about not


an image or a presentation of someone or something

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  On seeing how terrified the monkeys were of the giant Kumbhakarna, Vibhishana suggested that Rama tell them the giant was just a simulacrum, a mechanical contraption made to look like a demon. Mahabharata:  When Dhritarashtra wanted to embrace Bhima, Krishna used his mystic power to summon the simulacrum of Bhima that Duryodhana


to decide that something or someone is not worth considering

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  Hanuman warned Ravana to not discount Rama as a mere human being: “How could a human being have single-handedly killed fourteen thousand demons?” Mahabharata:  Though the person who had won Draupadi’s hand claimed to be a brahmana, Drupada didn’t discount the possibility that he might be a kshatriya in disguise. Bhagavad-gita: Thinking


disrespectful of religious objects or practices

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  Vishvamitra wanted to put an end to the profane practices of the demons by which they were contaminating his sacred sacrificial arena. Mahabharata:  When Duryodhana responded to Maitreya’s wise instructions by the profane act of baring and slapping his thigh in front of the sage, he set himself up to be cursed.


obedient or attentive to an obsessive degree

Example Sentences: Ramayana: On seeing how obsequious all the maids were in pandering to Ravana’s every desire, Sita felt sickened. Mahabharata:  When the Pandavas saw how obsequious Purochana was in welcoming them to the palace in Varnavarta, they started suspecting that he was a part of some plot devised by Duryodhana. Bhagavad-gita:  Our devotion is


beginning to come into being or becoming apparent

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  On seeing signs that the incipient rainy season was going to be severely stormy, Rama postponed the plans for searching for Sita till the end of the rainy season. Mahabharata: When Vidura heard from the young Pandavas how Duryodhana had schemed to poison Bhima, he realized that the incipient evil tendencies in