causing annoyance or resentment; irritating


causing annoyance or resentment; irritating


Example Sentences:

Ramayana:  It was especially galling for Ravana to be publically reproached by Kumbhakarna for having abducted Sita without consulting anyone else in Lanka.

Mahabharata:  What Duryodhana found most galling about Krishna’s peace proposal was that it had won over Dushasana, the brother he trusted the most.

Bhagavad-gita:  The thing our mind finds galling often tells more about the nature of our mind than the nature of those things.

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  • Harivamsa Dasa

    The persistent onslaughts of shortcomings of one’s inner world despite decades of spiritual practice is bound to be galling for any spiritual practitioner; nonetheless, the time-tested solution is still dogged determination and perseverance.

  • Charu Patankar

    The three modes of material nature that are binding and galling to our soul can be transcended by remembering the Lord.

    We tend to avoid scriptural injunctions since they are galling to our independent nature.

  • Chaitanya Charan Das

    Thanks for sharing these insightful sentences.

  • Chaitanya Charan Das

    Yes, our determination needs to extend beyond this lifetime if necessary.

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