name or nickname


name or nickname


Example Sentences:

Ramayana:  Ravana was also known by several other monikers such as Dashamuka (one who had ten heads) and Lankesheva (the lord of Lanka).

Mahabharata:  Drawing on the almost countless monikers that Krishna had, Bhishma on his deathbed worshiped Krishna or glorified Krishna by reciting the Visnu-sahasra-nama, the celebrated thousand names of Visnu.

Bhagavad-gita:  During the conversation that comprises the Gita, both Krishna and Arjuna address each other by many monikers.

Bhagavatam:   Based on the places where he performed his pastimes, Krishna is celebrated by many monikers – Gokula-nandana – (the child of Krishna), Vrindavan-bihari (one who delights in Vrindavana), Mathura-natha (the master of Mathura) and Dwarkadhisha (the lord of Dwarka). 

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    Harivamsa Dasa

    Spiritual life begins beyond the material world of monikers and designations.

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