to hinder or prevent something or someone


to hinder or prevent something or someone


Example Sentences:

Ramayana:  While searching for Sita, what queered the effort was Hanuman’s celibacy:
“Was it right for him to peer into a woman’s private chambers even if his intentions were pure?”

Mahabharata:  What queered the war against evil for Arjuna was the presence on the opposite side of many virtuous venerable elders such as Bhishma and Drona.

Bhagavad-gita:  Nothing queers our efforts for self-improvement as our mind with its moodiness.

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  • Harivamsa Dasa

    In so far as we consider them as obstacles, failures can queer our spiritual progress; otherwise, they can be harnessed as pillars of spiritual growth.

  • Chaitanya Charan Das

    The mind considers such a spiritual understanding queer and makes our life queer.

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