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great personal dishonor or humiliation

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  Although Ravana burned at the ignominy of having been defeated and spared by Rama, he had no option except to jump off his stationary chariot and run back to Lanka to save his life. Mahabharata:  Duryodhana couldn’t bear the ignominy of having been defeated by the Gandhavas in front of the Pandavas


a temporary relief from pain or harm

Example Sentences: Ramayana: Although Bharata was saddened by Rama’s refusal to return from exile, still just being in the presence of Rama had provided him a much-needed reprieve. Mahabharata: Seeing Bhima unaffected by his deadly blow, the surprised Duryodhana slowed down in his follow-up attack, thereby unintentionally providing Bhima a vital reprieve. Bhagavad-gita: What we


a critical remark meant to harm someone’s reputation

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  When Lakshmana angrily accused Dasharatha of being infatuated with lust for his youngest wife, Rama’s stern expression indicated that he wouldn’t tolerate such a slur on their father’s reputation. Mahabharata:  During the Rajasuya sacrifice, Shishupala went mad, casting slurs not just on Krishna but even those devoted to Krishna such as Bhishma.


a period of time spent in a particular way

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  The immobility imposed by the rainy season triggered a bout of sensuality in Sugriva who had just returned to royal luxury after a long period of exile in austerity. Mahabharata:  Although Bhishma’s fall triggered a brief bout of doubt in Duryodhana’s heart about his army’s capacity to defeat the Pandavas, that feeling


a summary of the essentials of a text

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  A precis of the Ramayana, no matter how well done, just can’t convey the poetry, the artistry or the beauty of the Sanskrit epic. Mahabharata:  For the fretful Duryodhana, the eighth day of the war was like a precis of all his encounters with the Pandavas – although it seemed he had


limitation or difficulty caused by misfortune

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  While the monkey army was in duress on seeing Rama and Lakshmana fallen and apparently lifeless, Vibhishana helped them to start looking for a solution. Mahabharata:  When Arjuna lashed out at his brothers on hearing about the death of Abhimanyu, Krishna’s gentle words of wisdom amid duress helped channel Arjuna’s anger constructively.