done in a rude, sudden or informal way


done in a rude, sudden or informal way

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  For most onlookers, Ravana’s kicking away of Vibhishana’s crown signified the latter’s unceremonious removal from the demon’s cabinet. Mahabharata:  Although Duryodhana welcomed Krishna to Hastinapura with a grand ceremony, his eventual rejection of Krishna’s peace proposal was quite unceremonious. Bhagavad-gita:  Many people worry that their death may be unceremonious, whereas what they


limitation or difficulty caused by misfortune

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  While the monkey army was in duress on seeing Rama and Lakshmana fallen and apparently lifeless, Vibhishana helped them to start looking for a solution. Mahabharata:  When Arjuna lashed out at his brothers on hearing about the death of Abhimanyu, Krishna’s gentle words of wisdom amid duress helped channel Arjuna’s anger constructively.


too annoying or arrogant to be bearable

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  When Kaikeyi kept insisting that Rama be exiled immediately, Dasharatha found her behavior so insufferable that he rejected her as his wife. Mahabharata:  When Duryodhana criticized Drona for being too soft in fighting with the Kauravas, Drona lamented the fate because of which he had to fight on the side of this


to show to be false, contradict

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  For Lakshmana, the fact that no other animals came anywhere near the shining deer belied Sita’s statement that the deer was simply a harmless, ordinary forest creature Mahabharata:  Dhritarashtra’s eager inquiry – “Has Panchali been won?” – belied his earlier declaration that he would treat the Kauravas and Pandavas equally. Bhagavad-gita:  The


to charge with a crime 

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  Vibhishana assured the survivors of Ravana’s army that they wouldn’t be indicted but would be included in his administration. Mahabharata:  Although Dhritarashtra had been largely responsible for the disastrous Kurukshetra war, Yudhishthira didn’t even consider indicting the blind king — for him, Dhritarashtra treated him with great respect.  Bhagavad-gita:  The Gita’s sixteenth


to remove or destroy completely

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  Rama attacked Maricha with a blunt arrow because his purpose was just to stop the demons’ disruptive activities, not to extirpate them from the planet. Mahabharata:  When Duryodhana realized that Ashvattama had killed the Pandavas’ sons instead of the Pandavas, he fell to the ground in lamentation, fearing that the entire next


said, given or done unwillingly

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  Vali’s death-bed apology to Sugriva was not begrudging but heartfelt – he realized that he had terribly wronged his younger brother and sincerely wanted to make amends. Mahabharata:  When the Pandavas approached Dhritarashtra after their spectacular performance in Drona’s martial exhibition, Dhritarashtra offered them begrudging praise while lamenting internally that his sons


to argue in protest or opposition 

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  When Rama told Sita to stay in the kingdom while he went on exile, Sita remonstrated with him repeatedly and passionately until he agreed to take her along. Mahabharata:  Although Vidura remonstrated with Dhritarashtra about the dangerousness of the plan to have a gambling match between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, Dhritarashtra


a blank space or a missing part

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  Ravana was vulnerable to humans and monkeys – this lacuna in the blessings he had received from the gods had now come back to haunt him. Mahabharata:  While in exile, Yudhishthira improved his gambling skills to fill the lacuna that Duryodhana had exploited in the past and was likely to try to


to urge or request earnestly

Example Sentences: Ramayana:  On the eve of the war, two of Ravana’s elders, his uncle Malyadan and his father-in-law Maya, adjured him to accept Angada’s peace proposal by returning Sita to Rama. Mahabharata:  On the seventeenth day of the Kurukshetra war, Ashvattama adjured Duryodhana to call off the hostilities and return the Pandavas their half